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  1. System Requirements PIPE-FLO 12
  2. Upgrading legacy licensing to version 12 licensing software (Sentinel LDK- Senitnel Hasp HL)
  3. How to Install the Latest USB Sentinel LDK HASP Key Drivers (Version 12 includes Windows 8.1 support)
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  5. PDF Printing Issues
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  9. How to Install Flow of Fluids Version 12
  10. Modeling a Sprinkler System or a System With Nozzles
  11. Updated Valve & Fitting Tables
  12. Choked Flow Caused by Over-sized or Inappropriate Type of Valve in Liquid Service
  13. Specifying Control Valve Data
  14. Changes to the Automatic System Resistance Curve Generation Feature on PUMP-FLO Desktop 10.6
  15. Modeling a Pump with Special Material Requirements

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  2. Engineering Data Tables Overview
  3. Pumping into a Partially Full Pipeline
  4. Double System Capacity Using Pumps in Parallel
  5. Specifying Control Valve Data
  6. System Requirements PIPE-FLO 12
  7. Network License Troubleshooting for PIPE-FLO Version 7 to 2007
  8. Troubleshooting USB License Key Sentinel LDK HASP (Version 12)
  9. Pipe Table Listing
  10. What is suction specific speed and how can it be used in centrifugal pump selection?

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