Applicable to Version 2009 and Before

With PIPE-FLO's control valve selection module, you can select and evaluate valves from catalogs on disk.  Once you have selected a valve, you can import it into your PIPE-FLO model.  If a manufacturer's catalog is not available, you can create and edit your own user catalog with the catalog creation program (C-Library) included with PIPE-FLO.

PIPE-FLO's control valve selection module selects valves from catalogs on disk based on the selection criteria you specify. The valve catalog is the central source of information for the program.   C-Library is the catalog creation program that you can use to build and edit your own valve catalogs.

To start the C-Library program:
  1. In PIPE-FLO, select the Tools / Control Valve Selection menu item.  This will start the control valve selection module.
  2. In the control valve selection module, select the Tools / Build & Edit Valve Catalogs menu item.  This will start the C-Library program.  

There is program help available from within the program which you can access by clicking "Contents" under the Help menu, or by clicking the question mark button.  Documentation for C-Library is also available in a PDF file (c-library.pdf) located in the same root directory in which PIPE-FLO is installed.

If you do not have these files currently installed, or if you get an error message when trying to start C-Library, you can download these files from this article by clicking the file named "".  Extract the files from this zip file into the root directory of the PIPE-FLO program and then restart PIPE-FLO.

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