If you use PUMP-FLO Premium regularly, there is a handy feature you may have noticed: the Estimated Search Results (ESR). What you may not realize is what ESR is doing behind the scenes.

Each time you change your search criteria, e.g. changing  your design point or the types and speeds you have selected to search, ESR is performing a real-time rapid search of the catalogs you have selected and returning an estimation of the number of pumps that will meet your search criteria.

This is somewhat similar to typing in a search term in a web search engine and getting a continually changing list of results depending on what you have typed (without ever actually clicking ‘Search’).

The benefit of getting Estimated Search Results in advance of the actual search is that it allows you to refine your search criteria so that you get a meaningful and manageable list of results. For instance, you might be searching across a number of different products and have selected all possible synchronous speeds. The ESR might indicate  hundreds of potential results, allowing you to refine your search to the list of speeds you really want to consider. Conversely, you can expand your criteria if the ESR returns a very small number of results.

The Estimated Search Results is just another one of the great features that make PUMP-FLO Premium, well, Premium!