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This article discusses Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system and how Engineered Software products interact with it.

PIPE-FLO (2009a, 2009, 2007a, 2007), PUMP-FLO (10, 9) and Flow of Fluids (2009a, 2009, 2007a, 2007) work under the Windows Vista operating system with the exceptions listed below.

PIPE-FLO 2009a and 2009, Flow of Fluids 2009a and 2009 and PUMP-FLO 10 will work in Windows Vista except Home Basic or Home Premium.

PIPE-FLO 2007a and 2007, Flow of Fluids 2007a and 2007, and PUMP-FLO V9 will run on Windows Vista, except Home Basic or Home Premium, however we have identified certain compatibility issues.

On 64 bit versions of Windows Vista you may have to manually install the Hardware Key Driver on standalone versions of PIPE-FLO and Flow of Fluids. If Vista doesn't recognize the USB hardware key then check your security settings for USB ports. If your computer is on a domain then contact your IT department for help in checking the setting.

Older versions will need to update drivers etc. before they will run:

  1. The Print to PDF function requires the download of an updated driver for Windows Vista. You can download the PDF driver from PDF Printer Driver for Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Later.
  2. The Verification Key drivers that were installed with version 2005 or earlier of PIPE-FLO and Flow of Fluids are not Vista compatible; users need to install the new driver which can be found in Updating Hardware Key Driver (Superpro USB). Until the driver is updated, Vista will not recognize the hardware key and the program will not run.
  3. Because the user's "My Documents" path has been renamed in Windows Vista to "Documents," there are potential issues regarding the data files. If your copy of Vista is not upgraded to the latest patches and service pack you may encounter problems installing older versions.
  4. Users who had earlier versions (2005 or earlier) installed prior to updating to Vista may be unable to locate the previously installed data tables and piping projects. This can be corrected by browsing to the "Documents" path on the "Tools"/"Preferences" screen.
  5. When updating catalogs, you will need to run the updater twice (Vista will set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 after the first attempt to run). The updater will run correctly the second time and install the catalogs.
  6. The email pump curve/pump data reports function will not work and may cause the program to become unresponsive. The workaround is to select the print option and check the "Print to PDF" box. The curve will be saved as a PDF file. Open your email client and attach the PDF file of the curve to email it.
  7. The X-Link add-on for PIPE-FLO requires some additional steps to install correctly in Vista. Follow the steps below to setup X-Link.
    1. During the installation of PIPE-FLO you need to allow the registry editor to run (A warning box will appear). You may get additional dialog boxes; accept them and continue with the installation.
    2. After the installation is finished, run PIPE-FLO once then close it.
    3. If you have version 2007a, browse your media to locate the X-Link folder and run the "setup.exe" file. If you have version 2007 or older, you can download the X-Link setup from this link: This will setup your X-Link feature correctly for Windows Vista.
Versions of PIPE-FLO older than version 2004, besides providing drivers are not supported in Vista.
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