Version 2009 and Before

PIPE-FLO has many time saving features to help you get the piping system model created quickly.  This Knowledge Base article describes three steps on how to quickly start a PIPE-FLO project.

The following features will help you quickly build a PIPE-FLO model:

  1. Start a system by using Design Files
  2. Place pumps, components, tanks, and controls on the FLO-Sheet prior to drawing pipelines. 
  3. Use the copy commands as often as possible. 

Start a System Using Design Files
When starting a project in PIPE-FLO the first screen displayed is the System Settings & Properties dialog box.  This is where the system information is entered such as choosing the engineering units, entering pipe specifications and fluid zones, setting up your drawing options, entering project notes, and FLO-Links.

All of this information can be saved into a design file, or template, that can be used to start a new project.  When a design file is used the new project inherits the information, including pipe specifications, and FLO-Links found in the design file.  

Place Pumps, Components, Tanks, and Controls on the FLO-Sheet First
By placing the major system components on the FLO-Sheet prior to drawing the interconnecting pipelines, you will establish the elevations of the components, resulting in less data entry for the pipelines since pipeline inlet and outlet elevations are automatically taken from the components they are connected to. 

Use of the Copy Commands
PIPE-FLO has a variety of copy commands to make it easier to build a piping system.  They include the object copy, group copy, and the copy a designed object.

The individual and group copy commands are carried out on the FLO-Sheet.  To use this command:

  • Select an object or group of objects on the FLO-Sheet using the mouse pointer
  • Click Ctrl-C or press the context menu mouse button (typically the right mouse button) and select the Copy (object) or Group Copy command.
  • Click Ctrl-V or press the context menu mouse button and select Paste.  Move the mouse pointer on the FLO-Sheet and click the mouse.  The selected objects are pasted.

You can use the individual and group copy commands for items that are designed or for pipelines that have been drawn but not designed.

The design copy command works with pipelines, pumps, and components.  It is an excellent way to use design information from an existing object into a new object.  For example if you want to copy only the pipeline data and not the shape of the existing pipeline, you can:

  • Draw the pipeline
  • Display the Pipeline Design dialog box
  • Click on the Copy button on the Pipeline tab, a list of designed pipelines are displayed.
  • Select a pipeline from the list and click on OK.
  • Save the pipeline.

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