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Property Grid Quick Tips

by Engineered Software, Inc.


The Tips box will display information about the selected property and if applicable, will provide a link to more information in the PIPE-FLO® Help Files and the DataLink field or table name.


The Tips box is especially handy when looking for further clarification on the calculated results produced by PIPE-FLO®, such as property descriptions and equations used.

If the Equation link in Figure 1 is clicked, this will open the Help Files page related to the calculation method behind that result feild. 

Figure 2. Help Files page. 

Figure 1. Tips box content when the Pipe Friction Factor is selected under the Pipe Results header found in the Property Grid Window. 

Opening the Tips Box

The Property Grid Quick Tips box should appear under the Property Grid. If it is not visible please see the following steps: 

• Open PIPE-FLO® Professional, refer to the Property Grid Window
• Hover your arrow cursor just below the Property Grid Window, just until the cursor changes
• Click, hold down, and drag the cursor up, the Property Quick Tips box should appear

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