1. Perform a calculation.
2. While the results are displayed on the FLO-Sheet, select the valve and choose the Tools / Control Valve Selection menu item.  The control valve selection module is started and the Open Valve Catalog dialog box is displayed.

NOTE:  The fluid and pipe data from the valve's connecting pipelines and the valve design point are automatically sent to the control valve selection module.

3. Specify the name of the catalog you want to search and click the Open button.
4. Specify the selection criteria in the Valve Body Type, Pressure Rating, and Characteristic Trim boxes.
5. Choose OK.  The Design Point Search dialog box is displayed with the calculated design point entered.  Adjust the Cv Tolerance and Valve data if necessary.
6. Click the Search button.  A selection list is compiled with all of the valves that meet the selection criteria and design point specified.

NOTE:  For detailed information on the control valve selection module's features, consult Online Help from within the module.