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PIPE-FLO Professional, Flow of Fluids, and P•SMART version 14.0.32169 was released on 9/15/2014.

Key Highlights

  • New Features: Data Import, Device View Options dialog, Auto Split for Pipes, User Defined Colors
  • Key Improvements: more control over system and gradient colors, new DataLink Tables, new Calculation Setting
  • New Calculations: control valve choked flow, total energy grade, static pressure, percent deviation
  • New Warning Messages: false connections, un-designed devices, allowable deviation
  • Bug Fixes: Undocked property grid, copy/paste, messages

New Features

  • New Data Import loads Design Data into PIPE-FLO to expedite model creation and simulation. 
    • Import Device Design Data (including units)
    • Load values in multiple Lineups at once
    • Modify, add, and delete Valves and Fittings
    • Python Scripting for power and flexibility
  • New Device View Options dialog box improves ability to adjust display settings on the FLO-Sheet and in the List View. Includes a filter to allow the user to search for common field names between multiple devices.
  • New User Defined Colors for messages and device states.
  • New Disable Colors feature gives ability to print systems without warning colors
  • New Calculation Settings for Allowable Deviation assists in evaluating calculated results and adjusting the Calculation Settings if needed.
  • New Name field in the Valve & Fitting Description for all V&F types allows the user to uniquely identify each Valve & Fitting in their model
  • New DataLink Tables:
    • centrifugal_pump_adjusted_curve: includes the centrifugal pump curve data points adjusted for viscosity, impeller diameter, and operating speed
    • control_valve_extended: includes additional design data for the control valve (Fd, nominal size, etc)
    • control_valve_profile: includes Cv, FL, and xT data for each control valve
    • curve_dp_curve: contains the data points in the user-entered curves for Curve dP Devices in the model
    • document_units: contains the units selected in the Adjust Documents dialog box and the conversion factors used to go from those units to SI units
    • pressure_gain_curve: contains the data points in the user-entered curves for Pressure Gain Devices in the model
  • PIPE-FLO_DataLink.xlam file installer will automatically install the Microsoft Excel DataLink add-in definition file to allow for easier sharing of Microsoft Excel files containing PIPE-FLO DataLink functions.
  • New License Identification Tool included to aid in Network license configuration.


  • Improved Color Gradients features:
    • New Color Gradient Criteria added for Elevation, Fluid Temperature, Fluid Zone, Head Loss per 100, dP per 100, Pipe K (Valves and Fittings), Pipe Size, Pipe Specification, Pressure Gradients
    • Pipes now colored on a gradient based on Inlet and Outlet conditions
    • Value range and colors can be specified per gradient
    • Labels added to gradient color bar
    • Gradient Colors and range are saved for each criteria with the file
    • Reset to Default for color selection
  • Improved message reporting to allow multiple pre-calculation messages to display
  • Improved Paste behavior allows placing the copied section anywhere on the FLO-Sheet
  • Auto Split of Pipes when any device or the end of a pipe is dropped in the middle of another pipe
  • Improved reporting of reasons for license failures
  • Performance and User Interface Improvements


  • New calculation for Control valves: Choked Flow Rate for Control Valves
  • New calculations for Pipes: Inlet and Outlet Pressure (Total) and Inlet and Outlet Static Pressure
  • New calculations for Pipes: Inlet and Outlet Energy Grade and Inlet and Outlet Hydraulic Grade
  • New calculations for Pipes: dP per 100 and Head Loss per 100 
  • New calculation: Percent Deviation for each device with a pressure drop or gain (was just calculated for Pipes)
  • Calculation change: Orifice Meter and Balancing Orifice Discharge Coefficient equation changed to Reader-Harris/Gallagher equation in ASME MFC-3M-2004
  • Calculation change: Control valve dP choked calculation now uses inlet static pressure instead of inlet total pressure
  • Calculation change: Control valve flow coefficient calculation now uses inlet static pressure instead of inlet total pressure
  • Calculation change: Control valve Pressure Drop Ratio calculation now uses inlet static pressure instead of inlet total pressure


  • New message: Device Deviation > Allowable Deviation (Message ID 170)
  • New message: This device is missing required design data and cannot be calculated. (Message ID 171 for un-designed items)
  • New message: This device may appear to be connected to another, but is not. (Message ID 172 for false connections)
  • Message changes: Message IDs 114, 115, 116 now trigger off of static pressure instead of total pressure (change of phase and P < absolute zero pressure) 
  • Message change: Removed lower trigger for Message ID 145 for small bore orifice meters and small bore balancing orifices

Bug Fixes 

  • PB 001-14: Fixed dP Devices with Units of Meters Changed to Miles
  • PB 002-14: Valves and Fittings with Formula 12 and 13 not Imported from v2009 files
  • PB 003-14: Copy Paste between PIPE-FLO Files Cause Lineup Settings to Reset
  • PB 013-13: Undocked Property Grid Causes Design Data Entry Problems for Some Fields
  • Copy/Pasting a Tank and Connected Pipes doesn't preserve the Pipe Penetration Heights
  • Valves & Fittings dialog: Added count to fitting "reducer - enlargement" not saved
  • Tank surface pressure < Abs 0 does not throw Message 110
  • Changing data for Curve dP device thru right-click menu does not update calcs when in calc mode 
  • Control Valve Set to 0% Open Calculates a dP Not Equal to 0
  • Help ID 162 for Control Valves triggered off of Incorrect Value
  • Various User Interface bugs fixed.