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PIPE-FLO Professional, Flow of Fluids, and P•SMART version 14.1.33363 was released on 03/06/2015.

Key Highlights

  • Various program functionality bugs fixed

New Features

  • No new features


  • No program improvements


  • No new calculations


  • No new messages

Bug Fixes 

  • Simplified data import scripting using only a Set (value) instead of a Set (value,unit) pair does not work
  • Gradient color "aura" on pipelines is reversed
  • Gradient colors on pipelines are lost when printing
  • When printing a FLO-Sheet report with gradient colors, solid black rectangles appear at the extents of the piping system
  • Link to Knowledge Base article on "Fluid Table Listing" is broken in the Fluid Properties dialog
  • DataLink functionality blocked when model is protected