Cookies and Javascript on the PUMP-FLO Websites

PUMP-FLO Premium is the latest iteration in on-line pump selection. It depends on modern web browser technologies to bring a more desktop computer experience to web-based selection. This means fewer page loads and a more interactive experience, but it also means more is expected of the browser itself.

Cookies and JavaScript are required.


Not every website requires cookies, but those that require users to enter a password often do. Cookies offer a convenient way of tracking user authentication, sending your unique identifier to each page on our site as you travel from section to section. Cookies set by cannot be read by other websites, nor can other websites read cookies used by PUMP-FLO Premium does not store your password in your cookies.

For more information on browser cookies and details on how to turn them on and off either globally or for specific sites, please consider the following links:


PUMP-FLO Premium makes extensive use of JavaScript. Among other things, this client-side code allows us to do more in fewer page refreshes, speeding up the user experience. It enables sortable selection lists and standard user-interface elements like dialog boxes. Using the web becomes more like using your desktop; the choices you make take effect right away, often without a page reload.

Without a JavaScript-enabled browser, you won't get very far into PUMP-FLO Premium or Select. Those worried about browser security in general may, of course, enable JavaScript only for trusted sites, like For more information on how to configure your particular browser, see below: