Using a Command Line to Install PUMP-FLO or PIPE-FLO (versions 2004 and higher)

Since the 2004 versions of PUMP-FLO and PIPE-FLO, these applications can be installed via the command line by utilizing various switches to provide the information required during installation. This can be useful when trying to automate installation on workstations in a network environment.

To utilize the command line installer, open a command window (via a shortcut or by typing "cmd" on the Run line in Windows XP or Windows 2000 Professional), browse to the CD drive or network path where the CD (or CD image) is located, and execute the file "setup.exe" with a combination of the following command switches:

  • /D Default installation path
  • /E Serial number (e.g. "1234ps")
  • /C Company name
  • /V Server name (IP address or hostname; For network licenses only)
  • /S Silent mode


setup.exe /D "c:\local\installation\path" /C "My company" /E 1234PF /V servername /S

Note: The /D option is not used if the application is already installed (as in the case of installing a software update). In this case the current installation folder is always used; if the /D option is provided, its value is ignored.

You can also configure your users' environments to automatically use a common network location for certain program data (such as pipe specifications and/or fluid data). To do so, simply create a template "flo.ini" file and copy it to each user's "%appdata%\ESI\" directory. A sample "flo.ini" template is attached to this article; Download this file and insert the network locations where you want to store the data. It is recommended that you do direct folders for things such as CATALOGS and TABLES to a shared location on the network, but do not direct the other paths as they are used to store files created by users. The other lines are included for completeness - you will need to remove any lines that you are not redirecting (any "missing" lines will be re-created with default values when each user starts the program for the first time).

If you redirect the TABLES directory, all users will have the same fluid tables. You may want to have the primary user look at the Fluids Compilation and decide what should be installed. You could then install the tables to your common server location for them to use.

The following is an example batch file that may be used copy the template "flo.ini" file to the proper location and then perform the software installation silently. You will need to add parameters to the "setup.exe" command to specify your unique details.

copy Q:\MappedDrive\my_templates\flo.ini "%appdata%\ESI\flo.ini"Q:\MappedDrive\setup.exe /S

Note: The registration page will still open the first time each user starts the program for the first time