Placing Images on the FLO-Sheet in v2009 and Prior

PIPE-FLO Professional and Flow of Fluids allow you to draft your system on the FLO-Sheet to improve visualization and understanding of system performance. The FLO-Sheet also serves as a very effective tool for presenting design and operation data to other concerned parties. With the 2009 release of the programs we included the ability to easily add images to the FLO-Sheet to enhance presentation value and aid the design process.

The most common use of this feature is customizing the model with a company logo or background image to enhance presentation value. There have been some more creative applications of the feature as well, everything from images used to customize the modeling symbols to campus systems drawn over aerial photographs.

Version 2009 and Before

NOTE: In this step-by-step the FLO-Sheet is seen in "Presentation Mode"  but this is not required in order to insert your image. Using this button in the toolbar,  Presentation Mode displays the FLO-Sheet with a white background, removing the grey grid, for enhanced viewing.

To insert an image:

  1. Click on the Insert an Image button in the Toolbar  
  2. Left Click on the FLO-Sheet to specify the location where you wish to insert the image. Your Cursor will change and should look like this: 
  3. Select the image file and click Open:
  4. Once the image is in place on the FLO-Sheet you can move it by clicking and dragging like any other object.
  5. Right clicking will open a context menu with additional options for resizing, copying, moving and deleting the image:

With these steps, you may add as many images as you like to customize your FLO-Sheet. PIPE-FLO accepts these file types at this time: .PNG, .JPG, .GIF and .BMP.