Program Shortcut Key List in v2009 and Prior

Version 2009 and Before

This list of shortcut keys are used in the latest version of PIPE-FLO and Flow of Fluids 2009. Some of these can be used in older versions of the PIPE-FLO and Flow of Fluids programs, including PIPE-FLO Compressible and PIPE-FLO Stock, although we make no guarantees.

Calculate"Control" + "C"
Calculate a SystemF5
Create a VertexHold "Control" and  click on pipe and drag it.
Create Pipe VertexHolding  "Control" and clicking on a pipe will create a vertex
Design a Selected  ObjectPress Enter or F3
Draw a Pipeline"Control" + "D"
Find"Control" + "F"
Flyby ChangeHolding  "Control" and pointing to an item on the flo sheet
Graph"Control" + "G"
Hang ManHolding "Shift +  Control" and right clicking on the flyby
Horizontal ScrollHolding "Control" and rolling the mouse wheel
More flybyHolding  "Shift" when pointing to an item, will give extra information for  some items
New"Control" + "N"
No List Window DockingHolding  "Control" when dragging the list window around
Open"Control" + "O"
Pan the FLO-SheetPress and hold the  mouse wheel
Print"Control" + "P"
Redo an Action"Control" + "Y"
Return to Selection  ToolEsc key
Save"Control" + "S"
Settings"Control" + "U"
Show Symbol NameHolding  "Shift" and clicking on a symbol in the symbol list
Undo an Action"Control" + "Z"
Vertical ScrollHolding  "Shift" and rolling the mouse wheel
View and Change  Lineups"Control" + "L"
View or Hide the ListF12
View System SettingsF10
Zoom In & OutRoll the mouse wheel
Zoom to ExtentsF11