Changing Fluid Properties Between Lineups

Using Lineups to Evaluate the Effect of Fluid Properties in Version 12 and Above

Changing fluid properties between lineups is commonly used to see how a change in a fluid's density and/or viscosity affects the total head of a pump, the pressure drop through a device, or flow rates throughout the system.

To easily change fluid properties between lineups in PIPE-FLO Professional 12 and above:

Step 1) Create new fluid zones that represents desired fluid properties.


  1. Creating a new fluid zone by using the System Menu drop down and selecting Fluid Zones or clicking on the droplet icon  in the project setting toolbar. A dialog box will open.
  2. Click New or Copy and then edit your copied Fluid Zone.
  3. Rename your Fluid Zone, then edit the temperature and pressure of your fluid or select a fluid from one of the installed tables. Then click OK.

This dialog box shows three different fluid zones with different fluid properties.



Step 2) Create new lineups for viewing the new fluid properties in the model. 

  1. Start a new Lineup by clicking the Lineup icon  in the Lineups toolbar or by using the System Menu drop down and selecting Lineups from the list. A dialog box will open.
  2. Click New or Copy and then edit your copied Lineup.
  3. Rename your Lineup then click OK. (For the lineup naming, you could use the new fluid property characteristics.)

This dialog box shows three new lineups with names that match the fluid properties.

Step 3) Changing the Lineup properties from the FLO-Sheet. In this example we want to change the fluid zones for all the pipes in this system.

  1. Selected the lineup that you wish to view/edit from the Lineup Values Window or drop down located in the toolbar.
  2. Group select the desired pipes or the entire model by using the Select Arrow and clicking and dragging the mouse. Or use the shortcut key (Ctrl + A) to Select All.
  3. Change the fluid zones in Pipe Design in the Property Grid to the fluid property that matches the lineup name.

Now, anytime you select that Lineup, the system will automatically switch to the design changes you made and designated for that Lineup. This example shows the lineup set to "Water at 100° F and 25 psig" and the Pipe Design Fluid Zone is set to "Water at 100° F and 25 psig."

You can view any calculated result on the FLO-Sheet and instantly see the effects of changing fluid zone properties by scrolling through the lineups.

For steps to change fluid properties in version 2009 and before, see: 

Changing Fluid Properties between Lineups old.pdf