Flow Exceeds Range of Supplied Curve

This warning will occur when the flow rate calculated through a Curve dP Device or Pressure Gain Device (v12 and above, or Components with a data set in v2009 and before) is greater than the last data point entered for the device. When the flow rate exceeds the supplied data, the program linearly extrapolates from the last data point, which may introduce inaccuracy into the results.

If the curve is estimated using the Curve Data Estimator for Curve dP Devices (v12 and above) or the Generate 2nd Order Curve feature for components (v2009 and before), the data range can be expanded by estimating the curve using a higher value of flow rate and pressure drop or entering in a higher Maximum Flow Rate.

If the entered data is all that you have from the manufacturer for this particular piece of equipment, you may want to consult the manufacturer to make sure that you are not going beyond a recommended operating range.