Modeling an Accumulator

Modeling an Accumulator

by Engineered Software, Inc.

Accumulators absorb hydraulic shocks and dampen pump pulsation and flow fluctuations.

Typically an accumulator is a device similar to a surge tank at a given pressure. It acts like a shock absorber in a hydraulic system.  For example, an accumulator may be placed on the discharge of a positive displacement pump to keep the system pressurized when a valve is opened.

To model an accumulator in PIPE-FLO, an accumulator can be modeled as a Tank by setting the Liquid Level to the level of the liquid in the accumulator (or zero if it is insignificant) and setting the Surface Pressure to the pressure of the accumulator.

An alternative is to install a Pressure Boundary (Demand) with the set value equal to the accumulator set pressure.