Pipe Vertex


Modeling a Pipe Vertex

by Engineered Software, Inc.


The vertex is only graphical and allows the user to change direction withing a single pipeline.

Often it is necessary to add or remove a vertex from a pipeline.  With PIPE-FLO┬« you can add and remove vertices from pipelines on the FLO-Sheet


Adding a Vertex

To add a vertex to a pipeline on the FLO-Sheet: 

  1. For version 12 and above, press down and hold the Shift Key ( Ctrl Key in v2009 and below ).
  2. Select the pipeline on the FLO-Sheet at the location to add the vertex.
  3. Drag the mouse to the location for the new vertex.
  4. Release the mouse and Shift Key or Ctrl Key.

Figure 1. Shows how to add a vertex to a pipeline.


Removing a Vertex

To remove a vertex from a pipeline on the FLO-Sheet:

  1. Move the pipeline vertex so as to make the pipe segment with two arrowheads in series.
  2. Select the second arrowhead in the pipeline segment (the one that is being removed) and drag it on top of the first arrowhead

Figure 2. Shows how to remove a vertex from a pipeline.