Using the Pressure Relief Device in PIPE-FLO Advantage and Professional 17

Using the Reducer Device in PIPE-FLO® Advantage and Professional 17


The new Pressure Relief Device is used to model fully open pressure relief valves or safety relief valves in both liquid and gas applications in PIPE-FLO Advantage and Professional 17. 

Design Data for a Pressure Relief Device

  • Name (required): unique identifier, default set by Auto-Naming
  • Design Status: non editable.  Will change from Undesigned to Sizing to Designed when the sufficient operational and design data is entered, respectively.Elevation (required): this controls where the fan is in relation to the reference zero elevation datum of the system. 
  • Set Pressure (required): Pressure at which the Relief Valve is set to open
  • Discharge Coefficient (required): Certified discharge coefficient from the manufacturer based on the actual discharge area.
  • Discharge Area (required): Actual Discharge Area at the throat of the Relief Valve obtained from manufacturer data.
  • Back Pressure Correction Factor (required): Back Pressure Correction Factor used to account for subcritical flow in gas applications per the ISO 4126 standard

Calculated Results for a Pressure Relief Device

  • Flow Rate
  • Total Pressure Drop
  • Static Pressure Drop
  • Head Loss
  • Inlet Total Pressure
  • Inlet Static Pressure
  • Outlet Total Pressure
  • Outlet Static Pressure
  • Reynolds Number (liquid applications only)
  • Viscosity Correction Factor (liquid applications only)
  • Throat Static Pressure (gas applications only)
  • Throat Isentropic Pressure Ratio (gas applications only)
  • Critical Flow Rate (gas applications only)
  • Critical Static Pressure (gas applications only)
  • Subcritical Flow Coefficient (gas applications only)
  • Isentropic Coefficient (gas applications only)
  • % Deviation

Pressure Relief Device Calculations

The calculations used for the Pressure Relief Device are in accordance with the ISO 4126-1 standard "Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure - Part 1 Safety Valves".

Pressure Relief Device Applications