Using the Pressure Relief Device in PIPE-FLO Advantage and Professional 17


The new Pressure Relief Device is used to model fully open pressure relief valves or safety relief valves in both liquid and gas applications in PIPE-FLO Advantage and Professional 17. 

Design Data for a Pressure Relief Device

  • Name (required): unique identifier, default set by Auto-Naming
  • Design Status: non editable.  Will change from Undesigned to Sizing to Designed when the sufficient operational and design data is entered, respectively.Elevation (required): this controls where the fan is in relation to the reference zero elevation datum of the system. 
  • Set Pressure (required): Pressure at which the Relief Valve is set to open
  • Discharge Coefficient (required): Certified discharge coefficient from the manufacturer based on the actual discharge area.
  • Discharge Area (required): Actual Discharge Area at the throat of the Relief Valve obtained from manufacturer data.
  • Back Pressure Correction Factor (required): Back Pressure Correction Factor used to account for subcritical flow in gas applications per the ISO 4126 standard

Calculated Results for a Pressure Relief Device

  • Flow Rate
  • Total Pressure Drop
  • Static Pressure Drop
  • Head Loss
  • Inlet Total Pressure
  • Inlet Static Pressure
  • Outlet Total Pressure
  • Outlet Static Pressure
  • Reynolds Number (liquid applications only)
  • Viscosity Correction Factor (liquid applications only)
  • Throat Static Pressure (gas applications only)
  • Throat Isentropic Pressure Ratio (gas applications only)
  • Critical Flow Rate (gas applications only)
  • Critical Static Pressure (gas applications only)
  • Subcritical Flow Coefficient (gas applications only)
  • Isentropic Coefficient (gas applications only)
  • % Deviation

Pressure Relief Device Calculations

The calculations used for the Pressure Relief Device are in accordance with the ISO 4126-1 standard "Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure - Part 1 Safety Valves".

Pressure Relief Device Applications