PIPE-FLO Advantage Version 17.2.51588 Release Notes

PIPE-FLO® Advantage Version 17.2.51588 Release Notes

Released on 7/1/2020

These Release Notes apply to the new PIPE-FLO® Advantage program and incorporates the changes made to PIPE-FLO® Professional v17.2.

Key Highlights

  • New water hammer analysis including:
    • New calculated field on the pipe for the differential pressure caused by an instantaneous valve closure
    • New gradient colors criteria to locate the pipes with the highest potential for damage from water hammer
    • Bulk modulus of elasticity fields in the Pipe Specifications and Fluid Zones
  • New Data Automation Module
    • Ability to pull from multiple sources and run multiple scripts
    • Update model with the click of a button
  • Added Property Grid pop up quick tips on hover over field labels 
  • Added Set Application Font to preferences
  • Added Copy/Paste ability for design data tables for the Control Valve, Pressure Gain Device, Curve dP Device, Heat Source / Sink, and Heat Exchanger devices