PIPE-FLO Advantage Version 17.3.52619 Release Notes

PIPE-FLO® Advantage Version 17.3.52619 Release Notes

Released on 10/1/2020

These Release Notes apply to the new PIPE-FLO® Advantage program and incorporates the changes made to PIPE-FLO® Professional.

Key Highlights

  • Added Duct Device:
    • For gas distribution systems (HVAC)
    • Circular or rectangular
    • Easy to upgrade older models
  • Added Non Newtonian Fluid Analysis:
    • Model shear thinning/thickening fluids via Power Law method
    • Convert any existing model by changing fluid zone properties
  • Getting started is easier than ever with default fluid and pipe specifications added automatically to new models
    • Can be turned off via a checkbox on the Preferences Dialog 
  • Added "Save As" earlier version option 
    • Supports version 17.1 and 17.2
  • Added "Reset Text Position" option
    • Resets text to default position for entire model to help stay organized
  • Added ability for user to specify initial velocity guess for liquids and gasses
    • Enhances calculation speeds
  • Added ability to select friction factor method for compressible calculations