PIPE-FLO Professional Lite Version 16.0.40080 Release Notes

Version 16.0.40080 (released on 07/20/2017)

Key Highlights

  • Added the ability to define Tank Geometries to the Tank devices.
  • Centrifugal Pump Speed can now be adjusted between Lineups.
  • Updated the Flow of Fluids user interface with more modern icon images.

New Features

  • Define Tank Geometries to the Tank devices.
  • Adjust Elevation between Lineups.
  • Adjust Centrifugal Pump Speed between Lineups.
  • Search for a specific device in a PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite model.
  • Model fan/blower devices through Centrifugal Pump(s) devices.
  • Approximately 6,000 new fluids based on Yaws formulas.
  • Ability to filter the list of Fluids for increased efficiency when selecting fluids.


  • Improved the usability and user interface of the Pump Graph.
  • Performance improvements for PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite, specifically with larger piping systems. 


  • New calculations included for the addition of Tank Geometries:
    • Net Flow Rate.
    • Total Tank Volume. 
    • Tank Liquid Volume.


  • New messages incorporated for the new Tank Geometries.
  • Updated message for the situation where a gas fluid zone is used with a Centrifugal Pump.

Fixes to Bugs in Previous Versions