Version 12.1.21412 Release Notes

PIPE-FLO Professional and Flow of Fluids version 12.1.21412 was released on 8/7/2013.


  • Scale System feature allows you to scale the drawn lengths of pipes in order to move devices closer together or further apart on the FLO-Sheet. This feature is intended to help users with previous version files that used the Adjust Sizes legacy feature that allowed devices to be spaced very far apart on the FLO-Sheet.


  • Print for any FLO-Sheet Report now always shows the extents of the system model.
  • Print Selection for any FLO-Sheet Report now shows the current viewable area of the FLO-Sheet.
  • The FLO-Sheet image is now centered on any reports.
  • All large page size reports can now be generated. Additional v12+ Reports Available for Download.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of NCReport 2.9.0.
  • Added upstream and downstream pressure results to the DataLink Pipe table.
  • Updated Compressibility Check Sheet.

Bug Fixes