Version 16.1.41643 Release Notes

PIPE-FLO® Professional, PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite, and Flow of Fluids Version 16.1.41643 Release Notes released on 1/16/2018

These Release Notes apply to all products of the PIPE-FLO® Family, including PIPE-FLO® Professional, PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite, and Flow of Fluids unless otherwise indicated.

Key Highlights

  • Added a Flow Meter Sizing feature to calculate the diameter for balancing orifices and flow meters per ASME standards
  • Added a Pipeline Valve & Fitting K, Cv, Kv Calculator to estimate the performance of fittings from flow and pressure drop measurements
  • Bug fixes and performance optimization for faster editing and quicker solutions 
  • Numerous UI improvements, including:
    • Added a Gradient Color Legend to the FLO-Sheet Report
    • Unit selectors to property grid for device design data fields
    • Automatically switch to the newly created Lineup
    • Default text orientation set to horizontal

New Features

  • Flow meter sizing for balancing orifices and flow meters
  • Pipeline Valve & Fitting K, Cv, Kv Calculator 

Improvements / Changes to Features

  • Performance improvements:
    • Improved first flow guess results in fewer iterations required to converge to a solution
    • Loading NIST fluid tables and ESI fluid tables on demand results in 5x faster start up
    • Using Advanced Operations to multiply flow rate settings of flow demands and other devices now exponentially faster!
  • Flow meters and balancing orifices: 
    • Sizing feature
    • Now display calculated results when the sonic flow warning is thrown
    • Added "Change Diameter" to right click context menu 
    • Diameter is now a required design field
    • Changed calculations to use inlet static pressure instead of inlet fluid zone total pressure (NOTE: this may change calculated results of previous files slightly)
    • Added Static Pressure Drop to flow meters and balancing orifices results
  • Reports: Gradient Color Legend on FLO-Sheet Report, added additional reports
  • Lineups: Automatically switch to the newly created Lineup
  • Units: Unit selectors for device design data fields in the Property Grid
  • Text: Default text orientation for all devices and the document set to horizontal
  • FLO-Sheet and Property Grid Labels now reflect difference between Total Pressure and Static Pressure

New Calculations / Changes to Existing Calculations

  • Iterative solution method for sizing flow meters and balancing orifices
  • Added Static Pressure Drop to flow meters and balancing orifices
  • Flow meters and balancing orifices calculated using inlet static pressure instead of fluid zone total pressure

New Warning Messages / Changes to Existing Warning Messages

  • Incorporated the flow meter messages into the Diameter Sizing dialog to warn of issues during meter sizing

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect static head calculated for a System Resistance Curve for pumps with different suction and discharge elevations (fixes Program Bulletin PB 2017-003)
  • Saved OverTime results don't retain the lineup name
  • Lose OverTime results graphs on zoom
  • OverTime changes to device Operation fields by Rules or Input Curves does not get applied to the PIPE-FLO model unless the device Operation in the model matches the change in Overtime, although the results graphs and event log show that they are applied.
  • Tank levels are frozen in OverTime when "Update PIPE-FLO Model" box is not checked (fixes Program Bulletin PB 2017-002)
  • Tank Geometry volume units exported to DataLink in wrong units
  • Program crash when loading a Variable Speed pump from a catalog
  • Program crash when deleting a "ghost pipe"
  • Prevent creation of a "ghost pipe"