PIPE-FLO Version 16.2 Release Notes

PIPE-FLO® Professional, PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite, and Flow of Fluids Version 16.2.49026 Release Notes released on 12/16/2019

These Release Notes apply to PIPE-FLO® Professional, PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite, and Flow of Fluids.


Release notes for version 16.1 and 16.2 are identical with the only difference being a change in the licensing manager. Version 16.1 and prior are now End of Life and can no longer be reactivated. Previous versions need to be upgraded to version 16.2 or higher. 

Key Highlights

  • Added a Flow Meter Sizing feature to calculate the diameter for balancing orifices and flow meters per ASME standards
  • Added a Pipeline Valve & Fitting K, Cv, Kv Calculator to estimate the performance of fittings from flow and pressure drop measurements
  • Bug fixes and performance optimization for faster editing and quicker solutions 
  • Numerous UI improvements, including:
    • Added a Gradient Color Legend to the FLO-Sheet Report
    • Unit selectors to property grid for device design data fields
    • Automatically switch to the newly created Lineup
    • Default text orientation set to horizontal

New Features

  • Flow meter sizing for balancing orifices and flow meters
  • Pipeline Valve & Fitting K, Cv, Kv Calculator 

Improvements / Changes to Features

  • Performance improvements:
    • Improved first flow guess results in fewer iterations required to converge to a solution
    • Loading NIST fluid tables and ESI fluid tables on demand results in 5x faster start up
    • Using Advanced Operations to multiply flow rate settings of flow demands and other devices now exponentially faster!
  • Flow meters and balancing orifices: 
    • Sizing feature
    • Now display calculated results when the sonic flow warning is thrown
    • Added "Change Diameter" to right click context menu 
    • Diameter is now a required design field
    • Changed calculations to use inlet static pressure instead of inlet fluid zone total pressure (NOTE: this may change calculated results of previous files slightly)
    • Added Static Pressure Drop to flow meters and balancing orifices results
  • Reports: Gradient Color Legend on FLO-Sheet Report, added additional reports
  • Lineups: Automatically switch to the newly created Lineup
  • Units: Unit selectors for device design data fields in the Property Grid
  • Text: Default text orientation for all devices and the document set to horizontal
  • FLO-Sheet and Property Grid Labels now reflect difference between Total Pressure and Static Pressure

New Calculations / Changes to Existing Calculations

  • Iterative solution method for sizing flow meters and balancing orifices
  • Added Static Pressure Drop to flow meters and balancing orifices
  • Flow meters and balancing orifices calculated using inlet static pressure instead of fluid zone total pressure

New Warning Messages / Changes to Existing Warning Messages

  • Incorporated the flow meter messages into the Diameter Sizing dialog to warn of issues during meter sizing

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect static head calculated for a System Resistance Curve for pumps with different suction and discharge elevations (fixes Program Bulletin PB 2017-003)
  • Saved OverTime results don't retain the lineup name
  • Lose OverTime results graphs on zoom
  • OverTime changes to device Operation fields by Rules or Input Curves does not get applied to the PIPE-FLO model unless the device Operation in the model matches the change in Overtime, although the results graphs and event log show that they are applied.
  • Tank levels are frozen in OverTime when "Update PIPE-FLO Model" box is not checked (fixes Program Bulletin PB 2017-002)
  • Tank Geometry volume units exported to DataLink in wrong units
  • Program crash when loading a Variable Speed pump from a catalog
  • Program crash when deleting a "ghost pipe"
  • Prevent creation of a "ghost pipe"