Copying Identical Paths on the FLO-Sheet

Often in a piping model multiple identical paths are present and must be entered in PIPE-FLO.  Using PIPE-FLO's advanced drawing features, piping systems with multiple paths can be created quickly.  This article describes how to use the group copy, attaching nodes, and adding vertex features of PIPE-FLO to simplify this task. 

In this example we will draw a portion of a piping system that has three parallel paths.  The three paths have the same components, controls, and isolation valves.  All the pipelines are the same nominal size and schedule, but the pipe lengths and the number of elbows vary based on the pipe routing. 

In this example we will place the component and control in one of the paths.  Since the pipe material, fluid, and isolation valves will be identical in all three paths we will enter the connecting pipe information prior to our copy operation.

Group Copy

Once the first path is drawn and the design details entered for the pipelines we will copy the entire path.  

  1. Choose the pointer tool from the tool bar.
  2. Move the mouse pointer above and to the left of the path.
  3. Drag the mouse pointer to the lower right of the path.  
  4. Release the mouse button then:
    1. v12 and above: click the Copy button  or Ctrl-C
    2. v2009 and below: choose the Copy Group command from the context menu.
  5. Click the Paste button , type Ctrl-V, or right click and select Paste from the context menu.
  6. Move the copy of the path into place and click the mouse button.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 5 above to create the third parallel path.

NOTE: Make sure you select the entire pipeline including the nodes at the end of the pipes.

Figure 1. Select the devices to copy.

Attach Nodes

After the three paths are on the FLO-Sheet, the next step is to attach the nodes to the rest of the system.  Figure 2 shows attaching the nodes.

  1. Select the node in the copied path.
  2. Drag the node on top of the node for the original path.
  3. For v12 and above, the connection is made automatically. For v2009 and before, a dialog is open to confirm that you want to attach the nodes.

Figure 2. Attach the copied sections at the nodes.

Adding a Vertex 
After the nodes are connected add the necessary vertices to the pipeline.  Figure 3 shows the addition of the vertex.

  1. Press down and hold the Shift Key in v12 and above (Ctrl key in v2009 and below)
  2. Highlight the pipeline on the FLO-Sheet to add the vertex.
  3. Drag the mouse to the location for the new vertex.

Figure 3. Vertexes created and positioned.

Finishing Up 
Once the multiple paths have been added to the FLO-Sheet, you will want to make the necessary changes to the individual pipelines as needed.