Pan and Zoom

The zoom tool in PIPE-FLO lets you quickly zoom in and out on the FLO-Sheet.  You can pan on the drawing by using the scroll bars on the side of the FLO-Sheet.  This option requires you to choose the zoom tool, or move your mouse to the scroll bars.

Version 12 and Above

Pan tool is provided to quickly move about the FLO-Sheet. To Pan around the FLO-Sheet:

  1. Select the Pan tool  from the FLO-Sheet Toolbar or the Pan button in the FLO-Sheet Tools section of the Toolbox Window.
  2. Left click on the FLO-Sheet and while holding down the left click, drag the mouse to move the FLO-Sheet around.

Alternatively, for users with a wheel mouse, the pan feature can be executed while still in the Selection tool by pressing and holding down the wheel button while moving the mouse.

Shortcut KeysFunction
up/down arrow keysScroll FLO-Sheet vertically
left/right arrow keysScroll FLO-Sheet horizontally
Page up/downPage up & down on FLO-Sheet
Depress mouse wheelPan the FLO-Sheet
Scroll mouse wheelZoom in/out on FLO-Sheet

Version 2009 and Before

With PIPE-FLO version 7 you can pan and zoom using the mouse thumbwheel.  

Regardless of the tool you have selected you can zoom and pan using the following thumbwheel operations.

To zoom in and out -  Move the mouse over the FLO-Sheet.  Rolling up on the thumbwheel zooms in, rolling down on the thumbwheel zooms out.  The center of the zoom operation occurs at the position of the mouse.  

To pan left and right – Move the mouse over the FLO-Sheet and hold down the Control key.  Rolling up on the thumbwheel pans to the right, rolling down on the thumbwheel pans to the left.

To pan up and down – Move the mouse over the FLO-Sheet and hold down the Shift key.  Rolling up on the thumbwheel pans up, rolling down on the thumbwheel pans down.

The nicest thing about this feature is it works with every tool on the button bar.  For example if you are in placing pumps onto a FLO-Sheet and you need to pan to another part of the drawing you can used the mouse thumbwheel to pan to the new location without changing tools.

If your mouse has manufacturers supplied driver software, PIPE-FLO can take advantage of the extra mouse features.  You will need to install the mouse driver software for your mouse and refer to the mouse instructions.