Adding Links to Other Files or Websites in v12+

The typical piping system has a large number of design documents associated with it that support and document the system design.  Often these documents are available in electronic form on a Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet.

Using the Link feature you can immediately access these key design documents with a mouse click.  You can also set up Links to provide access to other programs needed to operate a piping system, such as a CAD program, maintenance management program, or document control software.

Version 12 and Above

To add a Link to a Device:

  1. Select the device on the FLO-Sheet.
  2. In the Property Grid, scroll down to the Notes section.
  3. Click the Notes field to open the Editor dialog box.
    1. Click the Edit tab.
    2. Enter the desired text:
  4. Select the words to include in the link.
  5. Click  to open the Hyperlink dialog box.
    1. Type in the desired URL or file path.
    2. Click  to close the Hyperlink dialog box.
  6. Click the View tab to view the Note and Link.
    1. Click the hyperlink that was created to open the web page (if you have internet access).
  7. Click  to close the Editor dialog box.
  8. There is now an asterisk (*) to the left of the first line of text for the device indicating that it has a Note and Link.