PB 2009-005 New Seawater Table Gives Incorrect Viscosity

Bulletin #: 2009-005

Date: 10-21-2009

Category: 1

Subject: Seawater table version 1 gives incorrect viscosity

Program affected: PIPE-FLO Professional, Flow of Fluids, PUMP-FLO

Approved by: JB


An error in the new Seawater 3.5% Salinity table was discovered which affects the viscosity of the fluid. There is significant deviation between the viscosity calculated from the table and actual viscosity data. It was first offered for download in the Knowledge Base beginning in October of 2009, the file name of this table was Seawater 3.5% Salinity.ftbl. An updated version of the table was created and posted to the Knowledge as of October 21, 2009. This table has not yet been included with the program, so this bulletin only pertains to those who downloaded the Seawater 3.5% Salinity.ftbl table from our Knowledge Base on or before October 21, 2009.


To determine whether you have the latest Seawater table, you can check the version number of the table installed on your computer. The latest Seawater table is version “2 – Corrected”. To check the version number in PIPE-FLO or Flow of Fluids, go to the “Fluid Zones” dialog box and select “Seawater 3.5% Salinity” from the installed fluid table list. The version number will be displayed near the bottom of the dialog box. In PUMP-FLO go to the “Fluid & NPSH” tab in the “System Data” dialog box and select “Seawater 3.5% Salinity” in the installed fluid table list. The version number will be displayed directly below the installed fluid table list. 


The table can be replaced by going to the Fluid Table Listing article in the Knowledge Base and downloading the Seawater Table Installer V2.exe file. When run, the installer will overwrite the old version of the fluid table with the new version 2.

The inaccurate water table was available from October 1, 2009 until October 21, 2009 as a download. If you downloaded Seawater 3.5% Salinity.ftbl within this time period your table is incorrect and any PIPE-FLO Professional or Flow of Fluids project files that utilize that table will need to be updated once the version 2 table is installed. For any project files that use the fluid table, follow the procedure below.

Once the corrected table is downloaded:
1.    Go to the System menu
2.    Select “Settings”
3.    Select the “Fluids” tab
4.    “Add or Edit Fluid Zones…”
5.    Select the corrected table
6.    Re-enter the fluid temperature and pressure.