PB 2009-006 PUMP-FLO/PIPE-FLO Curve Information Dialog Box Missing Tabs and Scroll Bar

Program Bulletin #: 2009-006

If the tabs or scroll bar appear to be missing in your Pump Curve box, changing the DPI Settings to 96

DPI or normal fonts will correct the problem you are experiencing.


1. Click on Start then Control Panel.

2. If control panel is set at Classic View, then double-click on the Display icon which is shown below:

Click on Appearance and Themes and then click on Display.

3. A box will pop up. Click on the Settings tab.

4. Click on Advanced.

Change the DPI setting to Normal size (96 DPI).  That will correct the look of your PUMP Curve.

Click OK and your computer will ask you to reboot your computer.  Click Yes.


Changing the DPI settings in Windows Vista is a little more complicated

Changing the DPI Settings to 96 DPI or normal fonts will correct the problem with your Pump Curve box.

1. Click on Control Panel.

2. Now type Adjust font size in the search box. It will take you directly to the link for the DPI Scaling Utility.

Click on 96 DPI which is normal font size for using Engineered Software Programs.
If prompted, reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

Windows 7

1. Right click on an empty area of your desktop and choose Personalize

2. Click on the display link at the bottm left corner.

3. The make it easier to read what's on your screen will appear.

Make sure your settings are set to default (100%) then select apply.

6. You will then be prompted to log off to apply the changes made.

Windows 8 and Windows8.1

1. On your Windows tile screen click on desktop

2. On the desktop right-click and then select screen resolution

3. You should then see the display window. Be sure that it is set to default
Windows 8

Windows 8.1 (You may have to click the choose one scaling level for all my displays displays)

4. Once you check the box you will see the sizes. As long as it's on the default your program will not have the issue anymore.

5. Restart your computer to apply the settings if changes were made.