PB 2009-008 PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005 Tutorial Missing the File Compressible Tutorial.cdes

Program Bulletin #: 2009-008

When PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005 is installed from the Evaluation CD, the design file "Compressible Tutorial.cdes" referenced by the tutorial is not installed in the "My Documents\My Engineering Files\Designs" folder.

The third page of the PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005 Tutorial references the file "Compressible Tutorial.cdes":

Creating a System with a Design File
The preferred method of creating a system is with a design file. This sets your engineering units, pipe specifications, and drawing options. You can also add notes and FLO-Links to your design files.
  1. Click on Create a New System.
  2. In the System Settings & Properties dialog box, click the Design File button.
  3. Specify Compressible Tutorial.cdes in the File name text box.
  4. Click the Open button.  The system units are set and the pipe specifications are loaded into the new system.

This and another file ("Compressible Example.cdes") are supposed to be copied automatically to the user's "My Documents\My Engineering Files\Designs" folder the first time each user executes PIPE-FLO Compressible.  Due to a problem in the application's installer, this does not occur.  There are several solutions to this problem:

Solution 1 - Single user:
Download the missing design files using the link above and save them to your "My Documents\My Engineering Files\Designs" folder.

Solution 2 - Single user:
Copy the missing design files from the "packages 9.1\Designs" folder within the PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005 installation folder (default location: "C:\Program Files\Engineered Software\PIPE-FLO COMPRESSIBLE") to your "My Documents\My Engineering Files\Designs" folder.

Solution 3 - All users:
Download the missing package file using the link above and save it to the PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005 installation folder (default location: "C:\Program Files\Engineered Software\PIPE-FLO COMPRESSIBLE").  The missing files will be installed automatically to each user's "My Documents\My Engineering Files\Designs" folder the next time he or she executes PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005.


PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005 Package File.zip

PIPE-FLO Compressible 2005 Tutorial Design Files.zip