PB 2013-001 Printed Reports Do Not Display Properly for DPI Settings Higher Than Standard

Bulletin: 2013-001

Date: 03-07-2013 

Category: 3

Program Affected: PIPE-FLO Professional 12

Build numbers affected: 12.0.19520

Approved by: RL


Changing the DPI setting alters text size for any software applications ran on your operating system. The standard Windows DPI setting is 96 pixels per inch. Any setting higher than this will cause text to be cutoff for any printed reports.


Text is cutoff on your printed report and the DPI setting is greater than the default. This only occurs in version 12. 


Navigate to the display settings for your operating system and change the DPI setting back to the default before creating the report.


This bug was fixed with the release of PIPE-FLO Professional version 12.1.21412.