PB 2013-003 System Summary Report Displays Incorrect Total Control Valve Flow Rates

Bulletin: 2013-003

Date: 04-03-2013

Category: 2

Program affected: PIPE-FLO Professional 12

Build numbers affected: 12.0.19520

Approved by: JLS


In PIPE-FLO Professional 12, the System Summary Report displays the total flow rate in all the control valves and sizing valves. The use of the SQL "UNION" statement in the report definition file does not count duplicate values, so the total flow rate is incorrect if there are more than one valve with the same flow rate set point.


  1. The user has control valves and/or sizing valves with the same Flow Rate setting in their model.
  2. The user generates a System Summary Report.
  3. The report displays an incorrect value for the Total Control Valve Flow Rate.


  1. The report definition file has been updated to use the "UNION ALL" SQL statement, which allows duplicate entries. Download the updated System Summary Report attached and place it in the Reports folder, or
  2. Open the NCReport Designer, then open the System Summary Report. In the Report menu, click Data sources, then select the "flow_controls" datasource and change "Union" to "Union All". Save and close the report.


System Summary Report.xml