PB 2013-005 Power Corrections in Magnatex Metallic Mag Drive Pump Catalogs are Not Transferred to the PIPE-FLO Model

Bulletin: 2013-005

Date: 05-17-2013

Category: 2

Program affected: All PIPE-FLO Professional and Flow of Fluids version 12 and prior

Approved by: RL


Magnatex metallic mag drive pumps require corrections to the pump power and efficiency based on the process fluid temperature and the selected magnet. The corrections account for hysteresis losses due to the metallic casing. The corrected pump power and efficiency are not transferred to the PIPE-FLO model. The correct efficiency and power can only be viewed in the pump selection module. This results in the PIPE-FLO model underestimating the required pump power and overestimating the efficiency for a given operating point.


A pump from the following Magnatex pump catalogs is used in a PIPE-FLO model: Magnatex.50.pmp and Magnatex.60.pmp.


For appropriately corrected power and efficiency the pump graph must be viewed in the pump selection module. The flow, head, and NPSHr are not affected and will be correct in the PIPE-FLO model.