PB 2013-008 Design Point Flow Rate for Pump Selection is Wrong if the Design and Document Flow Rate Units are Not the Same

Bulletin: 2013-008

Date: 06-12-2013

Category: 2

Program affected: PIPE-FLO Professional 12

Build numbers affected: 12.0.19520

Approved by: RL

The design point flow rate used for pump selection is wrong if the design and document flow rate units are not the same. E.g., if the set flow rate is entered as 100 gpm and the document units are set to L/min, then the design point used in pump selection will be 100 L/min.

Both conditions must be met:
You have entered pump selection from a Sizing Pump or a Centrifugal Pump set to variable speed.
The design unit for the pump's set flow rate is different than the flow rate unit set in the document units dialog.

Set the document and design flow rate units the same before entering pump selection -OR- specify the correct flow rate in pump selection by editing the search criteria.