PB 2013-012 Custom Flow Rate Units Cause Issue with Fluid Zone Density on Import

Bulletin: 2013-012

Date: 10-11-2013

Category: 2

Program affected: PIPE-FLO Professional 12 and Flow of Fluids 12

Build numbers affected: 12.0.19520, 12.1.21412, 12.1.21778 

Approved by: JB


When PIPE-FLO Professional 2009 files are imported  into version 12, units and values should be preserved. In the case where metric temperature and custom flow rate units are used, an imported custom Fluid Zone will keep the value for density, but the unit will be changed to lb/ft3.


The following conditions must be met:

  • Temperature units in the PIPE-FLO 2009 file must be in Celsius or Kelvin.
  • Flow Rate is set to a custom unit.
  • The Fluid Zone is a custom fluid with manually entered density.


After importing the file, change the document units for density back to the original value. Create a new fluid zone with the desired properties. Group select all of the devices using the Fluid Zone with the incorrect value (you can do this from the List View window by sorting the Fluid Zone column) and group edit them to use the new Fluid Zone.