PB 2014-006 Program Crash on Send to DataLink if Pump Shutoff Head is Zero

Bulletin #: 2014-006

Date: 12-10-2014

Category: 2

Program affected: PIPE-FLO Professional 12 and above

Build numbers affected:  12.1.21778 and above

Approved by: JLS

If the first data point for a user-entered Centrifugal Pump curve contains a Total Head value of Zero (shut off head), the program will crash when the Send to DataLink button is pressed.

All of the following conditions must be met:

  • The model was built in version 12 of the software
  • The model contains a Centrifugal Pump with a Shutoff Head equal to Zero
  • The model is opened in version 12 or version 14
  • The Send to DataLink button is pressed.


Enter a valid value (non-zero) for the shutoff head for the Centrifugal Pump.


Version 14.0.32169 added code to prevent a value of zero from being entered at Shutoff Head, which will prevent this crash for models build in v14 and above. For this crash to occur in 14 and above, the model had to have been built in version 12 or before.