PB 2017-003 System Resistance Curve: Incorrect pump static head for SRC graphing function

Bulletin #: 2017-003

Date: 08-18-2017

Category: 2

Program affected: PIPE-FLO® Professional/Flow of Fluids/PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite

Build numbers affected: 12.0.19520-16.0.40080

Approved by: AAA


When setting a Centrifugal Pump with different suction and discharge elevations, the elevation difference is double counted when determining the pump static head for the graphing function only. Therefore the static head displayed on the Pump Graph is incorrect, causing the System Resistance Curve to not be drawn through the operating point. The System Resistance Curve is a graphical display and SRC values are not being used in any PIPE-FLO® Professional calculations, so no results are affected and PIPE-FLO® Professional accurately represents the system as it is modeled.


There is no current workaround available.


This was resolved in the PIPE-FLO® Professional 16.1.