PB 2018-001 Crash behavior with K (Valves & Fittings) and undefined Specifications

Bulletin #: 2018-001


Category: 2

Program affectedPIPE-FLO® Professional

Build numbers affected16.1.41643

Approved by: JLS


When assigning K (Valves & Fittings) to a Pipe device, the Pipe’s Specification and Size need to be defined. Once K (Valves & Fittings) have been added, if the Pipe Specification is switched back to “<Undefined>” and left that way, PIPE-FLO® exhibits a crash behavior when performing the following:

  1. Print Report
  2. Send to DataLink


The situation can be easily avoided by not changing pipes that have been assigned a Pipe Specification back to an unspecified state. If for some reason the change back is required, the user should delete all K (Valves & Fittings) from those pipes.


This will be resolved in the PIPE-FLO® Compressible module set for release early 2019.