PB 2018-002 Copying Non-Design Case Lineup

Bulletin #: 2018-002

Date: 12-12-2018

Category: 2

Program affected: PIPE-FLO® Professional

Build numbers affected: 16.1.43757

Approved by: JB


If a non-Design Case lineup is copied multiple times without leaving the Lineups dialog window, only the most recent lineup copy will retain the lineup parameters. All other lineups will default to the Design Case lineup.


To create multiple copies of a non-Design Case Lineup, each copy should be created in its own instance of the Lineups dialog window: create a copy and then click ‘OK’ on the Lineups window to close it. Repeat this for as many copies needed.


This will be resolved in the PIPE-FLO® Professional V17 set for release in 2019.