PB 2019-001 Inaccuracy in Calculation of Total Pipeline Liquid Volume in System Summary Report

Bulletin #: 2019-001


Category: 3

Program affectedPIPE-FLO® Professional

Build numbers affected: 16.0.40080, 16.0.40539, 16.1.41643,16.1.43757 

Approved by: JLS, SKC


The System Summary report in PIPE-FLO® Professional 16 was adapted to calculate Total System Liquid Volume from Total Pipeline Liquid Volume and Total Tank Liquid Volume. However, the Total Pipeline Liquid Volume was not updated to just take into account liquid only pipelines and was including gas pipelines in the calculation of pipeline volume. 


Select only the liquid part of the system and print the System Summary report via Print Selection to use only the liquid pipes in the calculation of Total Pipeline Liquid Volume.


A new report file that can be used with all the PIPE-FLO® Professional 16 versions is attached and linked below. Please download the report file and place it in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Engineering Files\Reports folder (default installation path) or the location of the Reports folder located in PIPE-FLO using the Tools...Preferences...Reports Directory path (if changed by the user).

System Summary Report.xml