Customizing Pump Catalogs

This article is intended for Manufacturers who want to add custom elements to their Pump Curve Catalog.

The attached document describes items that can be distributed with your pump curve catalog to customize the operation of PUMP-FLO and all OEM versions of the Pump Selection software. Engineered Software provides open interfaces to all of these items so the pump company (or their contractor) can create them.

PUMP-FLO Online Electronic Catalogs

In addition to the performance data curves, PUMP-FLO can display other information on your product line typically found in your product catalog.  This information is distributed in a variety of standard file formats.  The PUMP-FLO program launches the appropriate software to display and print this information.  A detailed description of the open interface to this capability is included later in the PUMP-FLO Customization document that can be downloaded at the end of this article.  Engineered Software can also provide a quote for creating an Online Electronic Catalog.

PUMP-FLO Motor Tables

PUMP-FLO is distributed with a standard motor table, including the NEEMA and IEC motor frame sizes.  You can build a custom motor table that PUMP-FLO will use whenever it selects pumps from your catalog.  Up to 4 different types of motors (with 4 different enclosures) can be included in a custom motor table, and the user is given the opportunity to select which of the 4 types to specify.  If your motor sizing requirements are more specific, you can have PUMP-FLO bypass the motor sizing for pumps in your catalog.  A detailed description of the open interface is included in the document.

PUMP-FLO Pump Tools

PUMP-FLO can launch other programs to perform further processing on the selected pump. You can create a program that uses the information from PUMP-FLO to do any number of tasks, including pump pricing, dimensioning drawing, electronic ordering, specialized motor sizing, or any other calculations that PUMP-FLO does not do. These tools are associated with your catalog, and are only a mouse-click away on a PUMP-FLO menu. A detailed description of the open interface is included in the document.  Engineered Software can also provide a quote for creating Pump Tools to complement your catalog. 


PUMP-FLO Customization.doc