PUMP-FLO Atmospheric Pressure Calculator

The atmospheric pressure calculator feature in PUMP-FLO® can be used to calculate the atmospheric pressure at any elevation ranging from -10,000 ft to 15,000 ft. Since the atmospheric pressure is used in the calculation of NPSHa, it is important to use the correct value for a particular elevation.  

Accurate atmospheric pressure values are essential for preventing cavitation in a pump, particularly if there is a small margin between the system NPSHa and the pump’s NPSHr. The atmospheric pressure is also used to calculate the air consumption of an AODD pump in order to determine the required horsepower.

To access the atmospheric pressure calculator in ePUMP-FLO, go to My Profile>Change Units and click the Calculate button. Enter your elevation, and click Calculate. The correct atmospheric pressure will now be displayed. Click Submit to save this change to your profile and continue your pump selection.