Soap Clients

Supported Clients

PUMP-FLO Web Services are implemented using Microsoft's SOAP standard. Most SOAP-compatible clients should be capable of connecting to and using our service API. That said, not all SOAP clients are created equally. If you attempt to use a client that does not appear to work properly,  please contact us.

Known Incompatibilities

The MVC framework projects created by both Visual Studio 2010 and 2013 are known to create incompatible service clients when using the automatically generated service reference feature. We have tests demonstrating that the serialized data sent from the MVC client is not understandable by the server. The service references generated for standard desktop clients and web forms clients in the same IDE's work perfectly, so there appears to be a bug in the code generated by the MVC framework.

At this time, our recommendation for MVC developers would be to build your service access layer into a different assembly which you call from your application.