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We no longer distribute the ESI Symbol Editor for PIPE-FLO® Professional V15+.

Program Basics

The ESI Symbol Editor is a tool for creating custom device symbols for use in Engineered Software's line of piping design software programs. Every device on the FLO-Sheet is represented by a symbol that indicates what kind of device it is.

Example devices include tanks, pumps, components, flow controls, flow meters, valves and fittings, as well as others. However, because a single FLO-Sheet device might describe a number of different pieces of equipment, it is sometimes convenient to use different symbols for the same general device type. To handle this need, the piping software often provides a list of standard symbols that may be chosen for each device type.

As an example, consider a system that contains both open atmosphere and pressurized fluid tanks. The system designer can choose to represent these tanks with different symbols so that it is easy to tell at a glance which tanks are which.

The Symbol Editor takes this capability a step further by allowing you to create specific symbols for any device type in your system.