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PIPE-FLO Professional 2009 or earlier only!

When attempting to import data from PIPE-FLO into Microsoft® Excel, if there are improperly named items on your Flo-Sheet a Run-time error will occur with the X-Link macro.  X-Link will not support names of devices which contain a quote (") or a comma (,).

X-Link uses quotations and commas in the definitions of their query codes. For example, to query the flow rate through Pipe1, the function code would read: =pfequery("Pipe1","calc.flow")

If there exists a quote or comma in the device name, it creates an incorrect stop to the device name and X-Link does not recognize the format. This causes the run-time error shown above. To utilize X-Link, you should avoid using a quote (") or comma (,) in the device name.

Once a run-time error is seen by Excel, it disables the macro in your current Excel session and again the next time Excel is opened. This means, in order to get the X-Link Macro enabled, you will need to start Excel twice.